Name: VIP Rank
Price: 1.39 0.97 USD

Vip Rank - 100 INR / 1.39$ / Forever

/sethome (Set 3 Homes Across Server)
/ec (Access Your EnderChest Anywhere)
/workbench (Opens Crafting Table)
/smite (strike Lightning)
/heal (Heal YourSelf)
/tptoggle (Block all forms of teleportation to you)
/dispose (Dispose Your Uneeded Items)
/clear (Clear Items in Your Inventory)
/back (Return To Your Last Location)
/suicide (Kill YourSelf)

Bedwars Server Perks -
/bw start  (Start your bedwars match before timer ends)
Vip Kick (Join a full arena by kicking a automatically random player from it.)

1500 Claim Blocks
VIP” Prefix Before Name In Chat

To Purchase Rank in INR Open Ticket in Discord Server(Click Here To Join Server)