Name: Enigma Rank
Price: 13.35 9.35 USD

Enigma Rank - 999 INR / 13.34 $ / Forever

▪Includes All Commands From Past Ranks

▪ Request specified player to teleport to you /tpahere [player]
▪ See the last logout time of a player /seen [player]
▪ See the real player nickname /realname [player]
▪ Set a Item Lore /itemlore
▪ Set custom name to item /itemname
▪ Change Your NickName /nick
▪ You Enable All GameModes (Creative , Survival , Spectator ,Adventure ) (Terms & Conditions*)

Other features:
▪ Get35000$ inYour Balance
▪+10000 Claim Blocks
▪ Set up to 10 home points (/sethome)
▪ Prefix Enigma in chat and TAB

To Purchase Rank in INR/Paytm/Gpay Open Ticket in Discord Server(Click Here To Join Server)